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The 3dCarbon 2013-16 Fusion Body kit, specifically the  "Rear Lower Skirt," is designed to fit the "Dual Exhaust" Model Fusion.  Our Kit will fit 2013-16 Fusion Models equipped with the 2.0L motor / "Dual Exhaust."  The 2.0L motor is standard on the Ecoboost and Fusions with the  "Titanium"  package.
On Fusion models with a Single Exhaust Pipe, specifically the 1.6 L EcoBoost Motor / 2.0 Atkinson Motor (Hybrid) and the 2.5L iCTV  motors, the optional 3dCarbon Dual Exhaust Conversion kit will be required to install the 3dCarbon Body kit.

The optional exhaust kit – 3dCarbon PN  692067 // MSRP - $509.00– Includes: Right & Left Ford Stainless Steel EcoBoost Exhaust Bezels,  EcoBoost Rear Facia Trim OE panel with Dual Exhaust EcoBoost exhaust ports, 90 Degree Pipe and clamp for attachment.
4 Pc. Kit
Fits 2013-16 Models
Part Number: 692038
Suggested Price: $995.00
Includes: Front Air Dam, R/L Side Skirts, Rear Lower Skirt

Superior to any other body kits we have used.

Phillip Parsons - Viny Top Specialist
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